May 21, 2015

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Indigo journal

Indigo journal

indigo is an Australian literary phenomenon. It will serve as a model for other such ventures around the country, and is to be praised for its energy, vision, and unwavering support for local writing. It has made Western Australian writing a national talking point, and the international dialogues are not far away…

John Kinsella

indigo is Western Australia’s journal of creative writing. We publish the poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction and book reviews by talented writers born in WA, currently residing in WA, or who once lived in WA for at least 3 years.Dirt music

indigo has published WA writers ranging from undiscovered genius to celebrated authors and poets such as: Amanda Curtin, Lucy Dougan, Bruce Russell, Roland Leach, Philip Salom, Shane McCauley, Mark Naglazas, John Kinsella, Dennis Haskell, Kevin Gillam, Barbara Temperton, Glyn Parry, Rachel Robertson, Hal Colebatch, Susan Midalia, Andrew Burke.

indigo is dedicated to promoting Western Australian writing but it also features interviews, essays commissioned from writers Australia-wide. There have been interviews of Liz Byrski, Robert Drew and Tim Winton, and contributions by Cate Kennedy, Alex Miller and Nicholas Rothwell.1403427882242.jpg-300x0

All unsolicited poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction published in indigo is selected anonymously by different guest editors for each volume.

indigo’s guest editors are drawn from accomplished writers and editors within the Australian literary community. Guest editors include: Amanda Lohrey, Marcella Polain, Alan Hancock, Janet Blagg, Les Murray, Chris Pash, Lucy Dougan, Caroline Caddy, Ray Coffey, John Kinsella, Mark Tredinnick Cate Kennedy and Carmen Lawrence.

Published twice a year in March and October by Tactile Books, indigo was originally the membership journal of Out of the Asylum Writers’ Group.

The views expressed in indigo are not necessarily those of the editors or the publisher. Indigo is available in bookshops and online through Fremantle Press.

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May 21, 2015

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How to Pick the Right Merrell Shoes

How to Pick the Right Merrell Shoes

Checking out a new pair of sneakers in the window of a store is different from putting down the money and buying them. Merrell shoes help to provide support and comfort, particularly when you’re engaging in outdoor sporting ventures, but selecting the right ones is key to achieving their benefits.

First, you should know what type of activity it is that you are purchasing the Merrell shoes online from Brand House Direct for. Spending the day casually strolling through the local nature preserve is different from taking a hike on the expert level at the nearest mountain range. Speaking with a customer service representative at Merrell shoes will help you to move in the direction of the best fit.

Second, speaking of fit, you must ensure that the shoes fit properly, especially when you are wearing them for athletic purposes. A shoe that is too small or large could cause blisters, slip off at a pivotal moment or lead to other aches and pains. Instead of just assuming you know what size you are in Merrell shoes, visit the store so that you can obtain your proper measurements.

In the event that you fall between sizes, ask what the shoe-experts recommend for that particular shoe. A different pair of Merrell shoes, that are still similar, may be available, or you may be able to purchase thick socks that help a too-large shoe to fit properly on your foot.

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