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The new space for Western Australian writers to get published.


indigo journal is the membership journal of Out of the Asylum Writers’ Group(OOTA) which grew out of the writing class at the Fremantle Arts Centre—originally a Women’s Asylum.

Inside indigo you will find the next big literary name as well as new work by established WA writers. We publish poems, short stories, creative non-fiction, interviews and reviews.

indigo is the only journal devoted solely to the creative writing Western Australian writers. If you live in WA, or have spent at least 10 years of your life here, you are eligible to submit.

indigo is published in March and September every year. Work in each volume is selected anonymously by different guest editors, so writers with differing styles and techniques will appear each time.

indigo is promoted across Australia and our guest editors are drawn from respected writers living all over the country. Unsuccessful contributors are given limited feedback in order grow their talent.

indigo is available in bookshops all over Australia.

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Promotional Water Bottles – Why They Are Great For Raising Money

Promotional Water Bottles – Why They Are Great For Raising Money

Promotional water bottles are great for selling because people love buying them. The truth about fundraising money is that people want to buy something that they will enjoy and actually want to buy. The key is to invest your time and money into selling products that people want. Using promotional water bottles is a great idea because they’re simple, affordable, and perfect for spreading awareness.

Promotional Water Bottles at Waterbottlepromotions.com.au – Why They Are Great For Raising Money

Just like selling t-shirts and caps, promotional water bottles for raising money is great since most bottles are very affordable to have designed. Buying them in bulk almost guarantees that you save some serious money and also get them for some very affordable prices. They are great for raising money because they’re quite handy and portable. They’re sort of like t-shirts in the sense that people can use them and really get something out of using them often.

Promotional water bottles are definitely worth looking into because they are easy to sell and can be a good way to spread awareness. Just like shirts, bottles are used by people all the time, and they can help spread awareness about anything you are trying to get out there. Whether it’s your business or charitable work, they can all be showcased on a water bottle for powerfully spreading awareness.

Office Fitouts Melbourne

Office Fitouts Melbourne

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Reputation Management Is No Longer Optional

Reputation Management Is No Longer Optional

Reputation management is incredibly powerful these days because so many people search online for information about people and businesses. If something negative pops up in the search engines, that’s what they’ll know about you. Reputation management can prevent this from happening by putting positive references in the results, allowing good information to help bolster your reputation and image online. 

Reputation management companies at http://gmgseo.com.au/services/reputation-management can’t remove bad listings from the internet, except in certain cases. What they can do, though, is help positive references to rank well. This means someone searching would find a professional resume instead of a mug shot. Since most people only look at the first page or so of results, this is usually enough to repair an online reputation. Reputation management companies work differently, but most of them will create many new entries about the subject. Many of these will rank well because they’re fresh. They’ll also link to WikiPedia entries or other positive resources. 

Reputation management is an ongoing process. The company can also monitor the search engines in case a new negative article pops up, then they can take action. Reputation management requires monitoring and assessment before taking action. There’s no question the firms can successfully help you fix your problem. You just need to have patience and a keen understanding of the tactics they use. You should also work on making positive moves that can get you the type of coverage you need. If you’re willing to do that, it will make their job much easier.

Hiring a Wedding DJ Melbourne

Hiring a Wedding DJ Melbourne

If you or someone you love will be getting married in the near future, there are many details about the wedding that you will need to consider. One of the most important of these details is the music that will be played during the reception. Music has traditionally been a big part of wedding reception festivities. Hiring a wedding DJ Melbourne will ensure that you or your loved one will have a memorable reception with all of their favorite tunes being played. 

The couple who is getting married will have certain songs that they want to be played. A wedding DJ Melbourne from Discosource DJ Melbourne will make sure that all of the requested songs are available to be played at the proper moments. One of the best things about a professional wedding DJ Melbourne is his or her ability to keep the party going by playing songs that make people want to get up and dance. If people are just standing around not doing anything, the wedding reception will be a dull affair. A wedding DJ Melbourne will prevent that from happening.

If you are on a limited budget, your options in terms of hiring entertainment for the wedding reception will be limited. While hiring a band or a magician can be a bit on the pricey side, a professional DJ is much more affordable. In fact, no matter what your budget is, you should be able to afford this minimal expense. If you are trying to find a way to get some fun entertainment for your wedding reception without going broke in the process, a wedding DJ Melbourne is the answer you are looking for. The music they will play at your wedding reception will allow the partying to go on deep into the night.